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VINN CEO Frank has fantastic news: “I am excited to inform you today that we have just signed our office expansion contract with Mr Wolf-Reinhard Leendertz, the builder-owner of the Mies van der Rohe Business Park. To our customers, we will provide a fully-fledged digital hotel room for a hands-on experience. There, we are going to continuously evaluate new solutions on their benefits for guests, operators and investors. For our co-workers, we will create urgently needed working space. Overall, our square footage will more than double.

The new showroom experience world: VINN FutureLab

In contrast to the functional working area in our existing office, an experience world similar to a hotel area can be entered through a wall breakthrough. This provides the opportunity to test and verify digital innovations in an environment that is as realistic as possible.

Our new VINN FutureLab consists of:

  • a 550 ft² lobby with armchairs, sofas and a video wall
  • a 550 ft² conference area featuring a long co-working table and presentation equipment
  • a 500 ft² gastronomy area including a kitchen
  • a showroom: the absolute highlight, prominently placed on a 550 ft² podium, elevated three feet.

The fully equipped hotel suite will be outfitted with all digital solutions already available today.

Prototype solutions will be tested for their added value and usefulness. This unique project also adresses partners aiming to connect their digital solution to the VINN Engine software platform, aiming to achieve a seamless customer journey.

We are looking forward to the future together with our customers, co-workers and colleagues.

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