VINN personalises the digital travellers' journey


The comfortable Internet access
for your hotel guests

VINN Connect is a WiFi platform that makes Internet access easy and comfortable.

Our cloud-based platform delivers real value-add, enabling you to engage with your guests, improve guest satisfaction, and generate additional revenue. VINN Connect gives you the decisive competitive advantage.

Informs the hotel guests

The captive access portal not only offers form and social logins but also the possibility of a simplified access – like at home. Seamless integration into the network infrastructure allows VINN-JET to communicate with guests, get feedback with surveyJET or provide access to other services through popupJET. Deliver targeted content and information using your wireless solution.

A plus of data security

Data security is very important. All online portals are SSL-encrypted. Personal user information is encrypted and we do not store any payment information in our systems. Valuable information on how your guests use the WLAN is provided with our reporting tool. A complete list of reports – as a visual aid or as a download – gives you a detailed insight into user behavior. Bandwidth management gives you the opportunity to plan your capacities and act proactively. It shows, among other things, the status of the available bandwidth as well as Internet performance.

Questions to the product?

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