VINN personalises the digital travellers' journey


Digital information and communication for the entire building



VINN Digital Signage - the digital information system for the modern hotel- and administration building


VINN Signage is an impressive wayfinding and communication tool for smart and smooth operation in a hotel, a conference or event location or administrative facility. It offers your guests and visitors the optimal digital signage through up-to-date information on high-definition displays and monitors in a wide range of sizes, as well as digital doorplates. Your marketing messages can effortlessly be kept up to date with campaigns and promotions by managing all monitors and content through a simple web interface.

Versatile application and usage possibilities due to digital signage

Whether in the hotel lobby, the reception, the restaurant, the conference room, wellness and entrance area or retail shops - the application possibilities are manifold. Manage, schedule and upload pictures, texts, videos online, wherever you are. With multiple login credentials, you can, if you desire, invite colleagues, suppliers or external partners to publish their content on the screens.

Unlimited storage thanks to Cloud

This cloud-based solution has unlimited storage space and is, thanks to its safe connection, well protected and highly stable.

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