VINN personalises the digital travellers' journey


More than 15 years experience in IT-hotel-technology

About us

VINN, based in Krefeld, Germany, has been providing customisable, future-oriented IT solutions for the hotel industry and related sectors for more than 15 years. The modular VINN system forms the basis for a strictly customised guest management, the digitalization of all guest services and additionally increases company efficiency.

VINN presence

VINN products have already been installed in more than 80.000 hotel guest rooms in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We are aiming for a worldwide market coverage and preparing for that.

The VINN products

Beside to the innovative app VINN Cockpit, VINN offers many other elements such as

  • VINN Network for intelligent network design
  • the WiFi-platform VINN Connect
  • the efficient telephone systems VINN Phone
  • the scalable module VINN TV
  • as well as the flexible communication tool VINN Signage

We are also continuously expanding our portfolio with compatible, effective solutions.


The app VINN Cockpit

With the objective of providing a tailored guest management system, we have developed the app VINN Cockpit, which is unique in its functionality worldwide. The app contains personal settings such as automatic internet access or the preferred room temperature, manages check-in/check-out, offers a payment function, digital keys and many other services.

We use the service AddToAny for sharing.

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