VINN personalises the digital travellers' journey

On May 14th, following an invitation to the Austrian Trade Delegation by “Advantage Austria” (a Düsseldorf-based agency for internationalization and innovation in the Austrian economy), VINN had the opportunity to hold a presentation in front of representatives of the Austrian hotel industry. VINN attended this event as part of their future-oriented business travels.

In two 25 minute sessions, VINN CEO Frank Gerhardt spoke in front of businessmen and -women from small and medium-sized hotel enterprises from our neighbouring country. He provided insights into the hotel business‘s relevant future topics and technologies. The second half of the talk was focused on interconnected technologies and the digitalisation of the customer Touchpoints between check-in and check-out.


After a casual questions-and-answers section, everyone gathered for dinner in a convivial round for further exchange in Düsseldorf’s harbour district.

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