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Adina Apartment Hotel Kopenhagen

Adina Apartment Hotel Kopenhagen

In the course of the extensive hotel renovations from October 2017 to April 2018, VINN was permitted to equip another Adina building, the Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen, with VINN Connect (High Speed Internet Access including network).

Adina Apartment Hotel Kopenhagen

Adina Apartment Hotel Kopenhagen

Here, like in the Adina Checkpoint Charlie Berlin, the challenge was for the project to take place during ongoing hotel business and without any nuisances for the guests. The VINN team made an excellent job of it and the installation proceeded smoothly.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and one of the most important metropolises of Northern Europe, is a popular travel destination and, as a seaport with various places of interest, provides you with many possibilities in and around the city centre.

Only few minutes away from city centre, the Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen offers several different room categories, a restaurant, a bar, as well as a fitness and wellness area with gym, pool, sauna and terrace/garden.

More info about this hotel and the Adina group can be found here…

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