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Foto: Bernd Müller © Fraunhofer IAO

Foto: Bernd Müller © Fraunhofer IAO

What does the future hotel look like?

In collaboration with business partners from the hotel industry, this question is being looked into by The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO within the scope of the “FutureHotel” innovation network.

Since April 2018, VINN has been part of the “FutureHotel” joint research project and will, as partner, actively participate in the questions and solutions concerning the hotel of the future.

Objectives of the innovation network

The aims of the innovation networks are in the following fields:

  • Think tank for the research of progressive questions and development of modern hotel concepts and environments
  • Research of relevant key developments and derivation from future scenarios
  • Identification and analysis of trends
  • Identification of cross linking and key factors
  • Increase of well-being and satisfaction of guests and staff
  • Establishment of an active network of science and expertise

Foto: Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO

Relevant key developments and their impact on hotel business will be analysed as well as different guest type’s demands and the optimisation of hotel operating. New, trend-setting solutions will be demonstrated and technological innovations as well as economical, ecological and society-wide aspects will be considered.

Test and application range

The project already started in 2008 with proprietary laboratories like the FutureHotel showcase in Duisburg – the scenario of a hotel room in the year 2020. Another project, the “Urban Living Lab” in Stuttgart, followed in 2011 with the objective of profile based interactions in various settings of urban space.

In this laboratory, pilot schemes and evaluation of innovative technologies, like check-in processes via mobile phone, were carried out multiple times. As a further step, the Schani Hotel in Vienna was accompanied regarding conception, planning and building in 2015. There, the first selected research results were implemented and evaluated, like individual hotel room selection or a lobby featuring a coworking space.

Benefits for the future of the hotel industry

© gee-ly Zürich und Fraunhofer IAO Design: LAVA

© gee-ly Zürich und Fraunhofer IAO Design: LAVA

In the “FutureHotel” project, VINN, among other notable corporations, yields expertise. The innovation network’s partners research central questions and draft concepts and solutions for the hotel of the future. In return, the project partners use available research results for further expansion of their own products and services. Periodic project meetings, best-practice-surveys and project control meetings boost professional exchange and networking and so contribute considerably to the research results.

Forward-looking coverage

In close coordination with The Fraunhofer IAO and the “FutureHotel” project management, we will report on the project and the results of the Smart Concepts and Services research branch, based on Business Intelligence, in the future. Presently, the research project is in phase VI. VINN is excited to actively participate in the research on the hotel of the future.

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