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Smart leben

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Smart living and smart experiences right on trend

Do you know Siri, Alexa & friends? Commercials are increasingly showing us how digital assistants are making our everyday lives more convenient and easier. All conceivable forms of intelligent control system are dominating our lives.

According to the statista statistics portal, the majority of Germans are generally very open-minded when it comes to the issue of smart home technology and smart applications. They consider systems related to security applications, together with remotely-controlled applications for heating, lighting, roller shutters and domestic appliances, to be particularly useful.

This level of convenience is also increasingly expected outside of our own four walls, which is why VINN has developed the personalized VINNcockpit app for the hotel trade and related sectors. A wide range of functions ensures guests gain the impression they are receiving even more personalized service. For instance, the app can automatically log into the hotel’s WLAN, ensure that the individually selected comfort temperature stored in the app is maintained inside the guest room and that anti-allergy pillows or the preferred daily newspaper are provided. The VINNcockpit app is installed on the guest’s smartphone or other mobile device and is capable of unlocking and locking the room door, performing check-in and out check-out, sending the invoice directly to the user’s e-mail inbox – and much more.

Multifunctional, simple to operate and personalized – the digital journey has now arrived in hotels too.

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