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Frank der VINN CEO in New York Okt 2018

The new VINN office in Manhattan or a pre-opening office?

No, that picture does not yet show the new VINN office in Manhattan. This retro typewriter is located in the pre-opening office of the new TWA Hotel (landing soon – opening in 2019 at John F. Kennedy International Airport) on the 86th floor of the One World Trade Center. Frank, the CEO of VINN, recently visited it while trend scouting hotels in New York.

New trends in the hotel industry VINN Trendscouting in News York 2018 IMG_2106

This particular city clearly shows in which directions today’s hotel investors want to go to stand out from the variety of hotels – unusual locations, unusual looks, distinct topics. The retro look is currently very much in vogue.


Article in the german magazin “Stern” VINN Trendscouting New York NYC 18.10.2018 - Lower Manhattan China Town - 2018-10-19 14.51.53 (Christoph S.)

The German magazine “Stern” and many other
international newschannels has already visited the pre-opening office and headlines:”Journey back in time to the 1960s: a visit to the retro lounge above the rooftops of Manhattan”.

Detailed information about the hotel of superlatives and the complete infrastructure can be found here: TWA Hotel 

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