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Digitization: The hotel industry and its isolated solutions

Travel Tech Start-Ups Develop Isolated Application

Recently, via social networks, a blog article by the Hospitality Leaders caught my attention. The title: „Don‘t be surprised: Hospitality brings up the rear of digitisation – some people still do not understand how agile you have to be in digital transformation.“

At the end of this highly interesting German article, expert Benkert pointed to the core problem of the digitalisation in the hotel industry. The extract: „Unfortunately, the discussions about innovations often end in interface problems of technology providers“, Benkert complains. Developed by travel tech start-ups, all of them might be good isolated applications. „But esepcially in the hotel business, the linking of software solutions is necessary. Otherwise, at the end of the day, I‘ve only got a dozen of data silos that do not deliver any aggregated value!“

Linking the island solutions – that‘s the way!

We fully agree. Only with a solid network, in which all technical soft- and hardware components of a hotel company are considered in, can the digitisation as a whole and with a future-oriented all-around view be successful. The integration of third-party providers are a central point in this respect.

VINN - Hoteltechnologie und die Vernetzung von Insellösungen

For example, it would be particularly convenient for a business guest to be able to use – without waiting times at the reception desk – their smartphone to check and pay the hotel bill and check-out. The bill would be received by mail in his inbox. Simultaneously with the mobile check-out the housekeeping would be informed. These automations will not only bring relief to the hotelier. No, even the guest would have time to concentrate on the most important in is everyday life.

Many times hoteliers don‘t have an overview over the whole system and buy single elements from individual providers. The key lies in the networking of the different solutions. VINN cooperates with the most diverse partners and integrates their products into the global system of the new smart hotels.

When does this awareness arrive in the hotel industry?

Very slowly it will. But unfortunately we‘re not at the point for a long time at which we already have to be due to the everywhere demanded digital transformation. A great uncertainty can be sensed. In many places, it lacks know-how, courage and the realisation that especially hotel corporations need to relocate and create new positions. Jobs like that of a Digital Strategy Director or the like – an employee who solely is there for digital processes, extension of services within the company, bringing those together and implementing them for the purposes of the guest‘s experience.

In this smart network lies the future of an entire branch whose number of overnight stays is fortunately steadily escalating. Every hotelier should have an interest in offering their guests a modern and linked Traveller‘s Journey during their stay to keep up with the standards of digital industrial nations.

VINN advises you to avoid island solutions. We show how you, as well, can gradually implement a seamless digital Customer Journey into your company. Some hotel associations have already recognised this way. We feel confident that the current discussions contribute to the fact that in the future Germany‘s hotel and restaurant industry will play in the upper league of digitisation.

Sincerely, Frank Gerhardt (CEO, VINN GmbH)

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