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Since customer enquiries and projects in 2018 exceeded our initial expectations by far (and since it never gets boring anyway), we really needed new support for our team at VINN. Now that our wishes have been fulfilled, we are more than happy to welcome our new member. May we introduce to you: Su-Young Chon – the second of three VINN newcomers in 2018.

Hello Su-Young. Please introduce yourself to our readers and customers in a few sentences.
My name is Su-Young. I am German-Korean, 37 years old and live in Düsseldorf. I have been working for VINN since 01 Oct 2018.

What are your responsibilities at VINN?
As VINN urgently needed additional manpower in their sales department, I provide both technical and sales support, caring for existing and new customers. My focus is definitely on “Digital Signage”. I’m currently still in the exciting orientation phase at the Krefeld office, but in that short time I’ve already been on the move a lot for VINN. For example, I went to the htng conference in Lisbon with Ralph, Director Business Development, the So!Apart meeting in Leipzig or recently to ISE in Amsterdam. But the VINN Christmas party in December was also a true highlight of the year.

How did you get to VINN and what did you do before?
First, I worked for LG Electronics as sales engineer for Hotel TV and Digital Signage. Because of that, I first got into contact with VINN. After my time at LG, I went on to work for a distributor where I could continue my activities. Looking for a new challenge, I came across VINN again. As it sometimes happens in life…

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Watching TV series (Prime, Netflix) or cooking

And now some quick, fun questions to get to know you better…
Wine or beer? Wine
City or beach holiday? Beach holiday
Cinema or Netflix? Both
Dog or cat? Cat

Thank you, Su-Young, we wish you a great orientation period and are excited about your new start at VINN. Welcome to VINN!

This interview was conducted by Nicole Clasani-Briskot – VINN Marketing and Digital Communication

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