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In the scope of our series of introductions of the #VINNHeads, we interviewed Mario, the “good spirit” of the office, a couple of days ago. Click here to read what Mario had to say and encounter his distinctly own and extraordinary approach at this task:

Mario introduces himself – in a unique way

Dear VINN Followers,
I would like to write some words to introduce myself to you, so that you know me a bit better next time we mail or talk on the phone.

So here we go: I am Mario, 44 years old and I live in Goch with my wife and my daughter.

On January 1st next year I am working at VINN for 8 years already. Before I have been working for the Storage Media Division of FUJIFILM in Kleve in the Marketing and Sales department for about 12 years. When I started working as sales coordinator, I was the inhouse customer contact as well as the support for my sales colleagues.


Until today my tasks as Office Manager have increased and some of my colleagues call me “Mädchen für Alles Girl for everything”, because beside my wide sales tasks I also take care of our cool office at the Businesspark.

Mario is not only talking to the plants

I am talking to our plants, doing the dishes and make sure that my colleagues have enough to drink (don’t worry just water 😉). I am in copy of almost every email and my phone is ringing whatever selection in our telephone menu is chosen.

Personal insights

Besides my work I love listening to audio books and spending time with my family or running behind our cat. I must come to an end. My phone’s ringing again. Just some quick answers to the following questions:

Wine or beer = wine
City Trip or Beach Holiday = both
Cinema or Netflix = Cinema
Summer or Winter = Spring
Dog or Cat = Cat

Take care and hope speaking you soon.

This interview was initiated by Nicole but mainly written and composed by Mario himself. Thank you Mario for letting us have a deep, but humorous insight into your life and work. And thanks above all for EVERYTHING you do at VINN and your (usually) high spirits.

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